ECP Choice

Better Eyeglasses

At ECP Choice we like to talk about eyeglasses.

Exceptional eyeglasses can be made when the best lenses and coatings are put into the hands of the most experienced technicians. We have a passion for eyeglasses at ECP Choice. When you come visit you won't see miles of conveyors feeding stacks of job trays into robots.

You will see people who have a passion for making eyeglasses using state of the art equipment to it's fullest potential. We craft eyeglasses like jewelry.

As soon as your patients put on their new glasses they will know the difference. The fit and finish is evident. The clear optics, the beautifully soft AR coating, the snug comfortable feel. Like a suit that just feels right.

We are serious about what we do.

It shows in every aspect of the ECP Choice experience.